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I stupidly signed up for rhapsody's 30 day trial. I wanted to see if the service would allow me to download music for my iPod. I we unable to do this, therefore I did not need the service. I can stream music from YouTube for free. I quickly attempted to cancel the account, but could not find any buttons to do this. Emailed Jim who was no help. I looked again and found the cancelation button, but called customer support to ensure it was canceled. Terrible customer support number experience detailed in my email to Jim. Customer support was unable to find any information on me. I logged back into my account and it told me the service was unavailable. I assumed this was because I canceled the membership. As further evidence that the account was, in fact, canceled, I could no longer use the service. Fantastic! Until....

Email from me to rhapsody support 7/22 3:15 pm

Why is there a 9.99 payment for rhapsody pending from my checking account? I could not figure out how to cancel my account on my own. I emailed you guys and received no helpful response so I called the customer support. The representative, who spoke very broken English, could not find me in the system. I slowly spelled out my email (s as in Sam, t as in teapot, e as in elephant, p as in pie, h as in hippopotamus etc.) after attempting to confirm the spelling of my name and email like this for the seventh time I simply thanked him for his help and hung up. In retrospect it seems that he wasn't familiar with the words I used as examples when spelling out my email. He should have just told me that and transferred me to another representative as opposed to continuing to waste my time. I logged into my rhapsody account that same day and it said it was inactive and I assumed it was canceled. What's going on?

On Jun 17, 2014, at 6:02 PM, "Jim " wrote:

Contact Customer Support for this: [so I did]

-- Jim

On Sunday, June 15, 2014 12:11:53 PM UTC-7, Stephanie

I want to cancel my trial version and I don't see where the option is. I signed up for a free 30 days and it didn't work for what I wanted it to do. I want out before I get charged for a service I'm not using. Please cancel my subscription immediately or give me directions how to do it. Thank you.

Please do not email me back to probe and ask more questions. I wanted to use rhapsody to put music on my iPod and it doesn't work for that. Please cancel me.

If you need help with a Rhapsody product or service, or if the product is not working correctly, please visit us at


The complaint was regarding their support team. Why wouldn't this gentleman, an employee of rhapsody who does speak English, help me or forward my email to someone who can. He obviously needs more training in customer care. When a representative of a company turns the other cheek (like Jim did) because a customer's request is someone else's job, it reflects badly on the entire company (every department) when that customer's request goes unfulfilled.

I was unhappy about the first payment going through, but was willing to accept it because I thought it would be the only one. I was finally canceled. Although, after my experience, I do not think highly of the company nor will I ever recommend them.

Then I log into my online banking account this morning and see I have ANOTHER charge from rhapsody. I thought I was canceled??? I logged into my Rhapsody account and see that it IS canceled. What's going on, rhapsody?!?!

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Review about: Rhapsody Subscription.

Monetary Loss: $20.

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